You’ll Miss the Jackpot if You Don’t Get the Scratch Off

Let me start off by saying I don’t play the lottery. I always say I’m waiting to win the jackpot and then I’ll retire. However, that will literally never happen because I don’t play.

With that being said, a coworker was encouraging me today in my future endeavors. He has all these aspirations for my business… because he wants to be a 1099 employee for GYTT.😂

But he did make a good point…. You’ll miss the jackpot if you don’t get the scratch off. I think a lot of times we have big goals and plans for our lives, but we fail to take risks. We don’t take chances in fear of it being the wrong choice or maybe the wrong time. But you’re never going to win the jackpot if you aren’t playing the game!

This is NOT a promotion for gambling. This goes much deeper than that. If you want to run a marathon but you never train, you won’t be successful. If you want to be a baker but you don’t have a kitchen, you won’t do a lot of baking. If you want to be an athlete but you binge This is Us and eat a package of oreos every night, you won’t be very athletic.

Take chances. Embrace risks. Do the scary things. You might just surprise yourself with the jackpot you win.

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