Top Eight Game-Based Review Websites

This week, we are wrapping up our final unit! We will test on Thursday and then we are on the count down until Georgia Milestones. I mentioned in a previous podcast how I conduct GMAS review. However, I do use several game-based learning resources throughout the year.

Blooket is all the hype right now. This FREE website offers multiple game options for students. Students LOVE Blooket. My personal favorite is Crypto Hack. However, students hate that game because they can never guess the password of the other users. They are particularly fond of Gold Quest, although this will lead to major outbursts when people steal money. One of my favorite features is the ability to use code names. No more inappropriate nicknames during review games!
Prodigy has been known as a math game-based website. However, they just introduced an ELA side to the game! Currently, the ELA game is by invitation only. I have used it and the ELA side is just as awesome as the math. Many teachers who use Prodigy create accounts for students and then tell them to “Play Prodigy”. Did you know you can assign questions linked to your current standards? You can even collect data from the game while students are playing. Parents can create an account and see the progress and what areas students need more practice. You definitely want to check out all the features. And… It’s FREE!
Students love Gimkit. They earn money for answering questions correctly. The money can be used to invest in upgrades and power-ups for the game. There are several gaming options, but the favorite is Trust No One, which simulates Among Us. There is a free trial, but to unlock all the features it costs $59.88/year or $9.99/month.
Flippity offers a lot of cool game options. There are matching cards, board games, game shows, bingo, manipulatives, and the list goes grows! My favorite feature of Flippity is the Virtual Breakout. I create breakout rooms using Google Suite. For the final lock, I use Flippity Virtual Breakout and embed it into the Google Site for the Digital Escape Room. So much fun and it is free!
Most people know Kahoot! as a basic review game website. However, Kahoot! has really upped their game (pun intended). With the paid version, you have access to premium ready-to-use resources. There is nothing more frustrating than assigning a Kahoot! only to discover the answers are wrong. I get mistakes happen, trust me! But, having the AccessPass, you are using resources created by trusted content creators who ensure the answers are correct!
I’m putting Quizizz in the same category as Kahoot! You probably already know about it. Maybe you already have an account. But I have found teachers often jump on a bandwagon and when they move to the latest fad, they forget to check if the old tried and true has any new updates. It just so happens that Quizizz has done just that! You can actually teach lessons from Quizizz. There are more options to analyze data in the reports section. And with the paid subscription ($96/year), you get access to interactive video and audio clips and so much more!
Quizalize has a free option, but there are more features available through the paid subscription. You start with a whole group quiz. While students are working at their own pace, you receive real time data to meet the needs of individual students. You can create groups based on the data and chat with students based on their scores. I think you’ll enjoy checking this one out!
Bamboozle is a great way for students to practice vocabulary skills. This website contains randomized games. Students can play in teams. You can choose from ready made games or create your own. There are many game templates to choose from. The free version comes with fewer games, but for $59.88/year, you can have unlimited access to all the game templates.

I know there are so many more game-based websites available. Share your favorite in the comments! Or you can leave a voice memo and you can be featured on an upcoming podcast!

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