Summer Break for Teachers

People often ask what students are doing over summer break, but let’s talk about ideas for teachers to do over summer break!

Summer break is the perfect time for teachers to enjoy their favorite hobby. Keep in mind, you don’t have to be good at your hobby. Who cares if you can paint like Picasso? If you enjoy painting, pick up the paint brush this summer and have fun!

If you enjoy baking or cooking, summer is a great time to heat up that oven and make something yummy. This is a great opportunity to drop off cookies or cupcakes to your local fire station or nursing home. You can enjoy the baking and they can enjoy the thoughtful gift.

My family goes camping often during the summer. And by camping, I mean glamping. I’m not trying to sleep on the ground with snakes. Take plenty of trips! This doesn’t have to be expensive. Visit places local to you, even if you don’t spend the night.

Take naps. My husband asked if I was going to take a few days off before I started really working the business. We go so much during the year. We deserve the breaks and the naps!

Read some books! Rarely do we have time to fit in a good book during the busy school year. Take time this summer to go to the beach or lake and read some books!

Remodel! There’s something about an extended break that makes me want to remodel something. Paint a room. Lay new floors. Take out a wall. All very stressful things to do, but very rewarding in the end.

These are just a few of the ways I’ve spent my last few summers. How do you enjoy spending your summer break? Comment below and share your great ideas!

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