Shambie Solutions

As we continue to roll out new ideas for GYTT, I wanted to go ahead and introduce the private sector side of our company: Shambie Solutions! While my passion is EdTech, there is a lot to be done in the private sector, as well. My husband and I are partnering together to offer a wide range of solutions for various technology needs.

If you are local, we offer Ring security system installations, sound system installations, and commercially licensed drone footage for promotional videos. If you are not local, we have a support system to fix technology issues, provide training or promotional videos for your company, and we have extensive photoshop and graphic design experience. We can manage the server for your company. We can even convert VHS or 8mm to digital video so you can preserve your memories.

We are both in a season of transition with our jobs (more on that next week). Is starting a new business in the middle of that crazy? Maybe. But we have already signed on new clients and have jobs lined up for Shambie Solutions. We see evidence of goodness falling into place for this new adventure. The things we are doing with Shambie Solutions have been hobbies we have practiced for years. Now, we have the opportunity to do what we truly love while serving other businesses. Truly amazing.

We are excited about this new opportunity and the connections we are going to make through this new endeavor. Check out Shambie Solutions. We would love to find the solutions for your needs.

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