Exit Stage Left

Counting down the days… Not in a “I can’t wait to be out of the classroom” sort of way. More like “I only have so many days left to make an impact… and to leave the nest.”

Being a teacher has been my identity for so long. At this point, I’m almost running on autopilot. I know my content back and forth. Technology has afforded me the opportunity to stream line a lot of my work. My coworkers are my family. I have great rapport with my students. Wait… Why am I leaving? πŸ˜‚

The reality is I have a passion for seeing teachers utilize technology in a way that creates an engaging classroom while making their job easier. A lot of teachers hear technology​ and think “Oh great. Just one more program to use.” But it’s not about adding more to your plate as much as it is about using technology to take things off your plate and help you become a more productive teacher.

So stick around as I prepare to exit stage left. Maybe you will learn something new. Maybe you will teach me a thing or two. πŸ˜‰

​Here we go.


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