Driving Out Fear

I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.

-Mark Twain

I’m not jumping on a bandwagon about gas prices and this is not a political post. There are rumors about gas jumping up to $5-$7/gallon in our area. Those are awful prices. And we could talk about inflation and oil and all the things that are driving these prices up. But what I really want to talk to you about today is not what’s driving up prices… I want to talk about driving out fear.

You see, every time gas goes up, media freaks out. Every time gas prices drop, the media is silent. Why is that?

It’s because fear sells.

We are so driven by fear that it cripples us. We try to store as much gas as we can in hopes we beat it before prices rise again. We buy all the toilet paper when a pandemic hits because it’s the only thing we can do. The media forces our hand by selling fear around the clock.

But what if we rewrote the narrative? What if we didn’t let the media control our fears? What fear is holding you back from achieving your dreams?

Oftentimes we spend so much time worrying about what if… and most of the time the what if never comes true. We are wasting time and energy coming up with solutions for problems that aren’t even here yet. How do we drive out that fear that is consuming our thoughts and crippling us from making decisions to move forward?

Friend, stop letting fear control you. What is it that you want? What are your dreams? If money were no object and there was an abundance of time, what would you be doing?

Write down your vision. Create your goals. Write down your fears and find the truth that drives out every thought that is preventing you from being who you want to be. Anything worth having, is worth the work.

3 thoughts on “Driving Out Fear

  1. Rae

    Never thought of them as based in fear, but that is what these statements are and I have used them too many times to excuse why I am not pursuing a dream! Now I sit back and wonder how much I have missed because I threw them over a dream! So what are those statements? Try “I don’t have the ability to develop and market the plan.” Or ” that will cost too much time and money to even get it off the idea board!” Or “the market for this is glutted” Either way they are based on fear of failure. Thanks for posting this good word. I guess it’s never too late.

  2. Michele

    This is a great read and it certainly will help us refocus and get motivated. Keep the torch lit by challenging our thought life!


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