Controlling the Chaos

As we begin preparing for state standardized tests, students are more antsy than ever! Teachers are ready for summer break, but students are even more ready. I’ve seen such an increase in student apathy – we’ve got to find a way to engage students again. So let’s talk about five ways we can control the chaos.

Are your students burnt out on independent practice? Switch things up and let them work in pairs. Make things even more fun and let the students pick their partners! Of course, you can veto any partnership that you know will cause more chaos.

Give students a choice on how they learn. If you are here, you are probably already aware of the various learning styles of students. Let students tap into that style and pick how they complete a project or how they practice the content.

Competitions are a great way to motivate students. This can be a competition against different groups or the students can compete against the clock. Timing an activity is a great way to motivate students to focus and complete the work at hand.

Just like we get tired of being in the same room all the time, students get tired of being in the same seat. Switch it up! Get flexible seating. Take the kids outside to learn. Go to the computer lab or media center. Take a walk around the school to get a brain break! Get creative!

Check out gamify learning! I have shared some platforms (and have several more to share) and Google is full of resources. There is a game-based learning platform for any content. Students love games and this is a great way to be relevant with your students.

These are just a few ways to make learning more engaging as we navigate these last few weeks of the 21-22 school year. I’m sure you have found some great ways that work in your classroom, too! What are you doing that students seem to learn? Share it in the comments below!

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